Goals and Mission Statement

 The Amazona Society, is a not-for-profit 501(c)3 organization
of volunteers founded in 1984 and dedicated to the following goals:

1. To promote and support genus Amazona interests in aviculture and conservation.

2. To disseminate avicultural and scientific information on the genus Amazona to all members and other interested parties through Amazona Quarterly magazine.

3. To take a periodic census of the captive population of the genus Amazona.

4. To support reintroduction efforts of threatened Amazona species when there is a self-sustaining captive breeding population and when protected reserves in their active habitats have been secured.

5. To assist where possible the preservation of the genus Amazona in the wild.

Please help us achieve our goals by
becoming a member.

Our Mission

 The Amazona Society is a world class association of international aviculturists organized for the purpose of promoting responsible aviculture for the genus Amazona. Additionally we support worthy Amazona conservation activities of other groups.

TAS provides leadership, communication and scientific/technical data to our members and to the general public.

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